Kasouga Bontebok @ Lindale Game Sale 30 April 2016


In 1939 there were 123 Bontebok left globally, most of which where located in the National Parks in the Western Cape.   7 Bontebok were relocatedt to  Thornkloof Farm, Grahamstown of Mr. Francis Bowker.  2 lost in transit.  Around 1968 Mr Bowker  sold Bontebok to Thomas Bains Nature Reserve, Grahamstown.  In 1991 Thomas Bains swopped 8 Bontebok with  Jeff Currie of Kasouga Farm with 8 oribi.

Since 1999 we have relocated 123 Bontebok.  In 2011 we sold  Bontebok to Peter Amm of Lindale Trust and Dale Cunningham and were of the 1st in the Eastern Cape to DNA test  Bontebok.

From 1988 Bontebok herds were registered by using the scientifically approved photographic method developed by Fabricius et al ., until  2008 when the DNA analysis was implemented.

Bontebok are very adaptable grazers enjoying short green grass in sweet and sour veld.  Bontebok has a much calmer demeanour than the Blesbok.   They like to stay in small family groups of 6-12 animals.   They are seasonal breeders that mate from January to early April.  Normally kid in October, but occasional can also drop in February and March in a good season.  Gestation period varies from 230 to 254 days (8 months).
Kasouga Game Breeder’s Bontebok:  
Male to Female ratio:  4 active group size with 6 to 8 females + a bachelor herd of 26, majority of which need to be culled as trophies & stronger males  kept for breeding.
75% offspring per adult female
90% weaning

  1. On Saturday 30th April 2016 Kasouga Game Breeders will be selling  2 groups of  4 bontebok females  already DNA tested and microchip by date of sale on the LINDALE GAME SALE   http://www.lindalegamesale.co.za  in the Salem area, Eastern Cape.
    Specialized transport can be arranged through MY WILDLIFE AFRICA,  contact Vivienne Thompson   072 941 8618   vivienne@mywildlifeafrica.com   :  Specialized transportation, fully accredited by Nature Conservation and a member of WTA  :    1 x 2 compartment trailer and 1 x 3 compartment trailer at competitive rate.
    More information please contact:
    Walter Currie :  084 959 0940  owner of Kasouga Game Breeders
    Paul Hobson:  082 652 4724   Hobson & co   – livestock owner